About Evie



"Fitness is about mental health and physical health, the looking good stuff comes after that"

My fitness journey started several years ago as a modern dancer and trail runner, with a very messed up idea of health. Over the years I've grown. I've learned that balance is key to any fitness goal I've managed to achieve. That achieving goals takes time, patience, and a whole lot of learning. With the help of others and the self determination to push my limits I've managed to get my priorities straight (let's be real is a constant battle!) and create a lifestyle centered around maintaining positive mental and physical health.


Certified Personal Trainer since 2015

Specialized in: Orthopedic Exercise Training, Sports Strength and Conditioning, Functional Fitness Training


Licensed Massage Therapist since 2017

Working on Sports Massage Certification. 


231-497-4985              elrtrainingllc@gmail.com

Photo Credit COEffects Photography