What Good is a Trainer?!

When I meet new members a common thing I hear is “I’ll see if I can figure it out first and if not I’ll get a trainer”. It is one of the most cringe worthy statements a new gym goer can say. By using a trainer to start a exercise routine you can avoid a lot of uncomfortable gym moments and have better chances at not falling off the wagon.

A good trainer will be there for you to avoid the standing and staring at equipment trying to figure out where to start. They will teach you how to do exercises correctly so you don’t have to worry about looking silly or doing things wrong. Trainers can help you organize exercises to have a plan of attack when you walk into the gym. Even just having a trainer for the first couple of visits helps you feel less out of place and can guide you around the gym and help you interact with other members.

As a trainer my goal is to help. Never be afraid or feel like an inconvenience for dropping a question or asking for a session

Evie Roisen