What to Know Before Joining a Gym.

Location: When looking for a gym location is pretty important. If you have to drive out of your way to get to the 24 hr super cheap gym chances are it will be an easy excuse for you to just waste hard earned money and skip out. A gym that is on route or close to your daily route is going to make it easier to show up.

What does the gym offer? If you’ve never worked out or don’t really know what exercises you should do to achieve goals the last thing you want is to be limited by limited equipment. Look for lots of free weights (dumbbells and Barbells), and loose equipment (bands, balls, jump ropes…. etc). Machines have their place but should not be the only thing around.

Are there people there who want to help? If you have a question is there someone there to ask for guidance? Do you have to pay for help? If the only time you can get help is in a scheduled session at a charge this might be a red flag. Even the most advanced gym goer is going to need help if no none is there to help out real quick this opens you up for failure to reach goals or even injury.

What is the environment: If you’ve never been in a gym they can be super intimidating. You have to feel comfortable being at a gym or the possibility of adherence drops. You should feel welcomed and feel like you can settle into the environment and wouldn’t mind coming back.

Are you being influenced by people who have your best interest in mind? This is a big one. The gym you settle on should be supportive of your health and goals. If you’re bombarded by “fitness professionals” who somehow know exactly what you need when they haven’t taken the time to hear what you have to say RUN! The promise of getting your best body by just removing carbs and fat and running on the treadmill for an hour is BULLSH*T. The right gym is going to support YOUR goals or help you create goals in a safe and achievable manner.

Evie Roisen