Exercise programs should help you build a solid foundation for a long lasting healthy lifestyle. A proper program will help prevent injuries both in the gym and outside of the gym.


 Exercise can be a great tool for making aches and pains better. Workout programs can be designed to correct achy joints and make them stronger.


Even if your goal isn’t to bulk up and lift heavy weight exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle. Exercise programs maintain health and keep doing your favorite things long into your life.


Having sport specific goals requires a individualized exercise programs that require you to push your mental and physical limits. Learn a program to push you to achieve goals and become bigger, better, and stronger.

"Training is not just telling clients what to do, it's educating clients to help them get excited and encourage lasting active lifestyles."

$30.00 per Hour*

*packages available call 231-497-4985

PHOTO CREDIT COEffects Photography

PHOTO CREDIT COEffects Photography