Therapeutic Massage Care

Traditional massage care isn't for everyone. By using a therapeutic approach along with a sports balanced style massage, Evie gets to the problem. She deals with total body aches and pains, as well as aids in increasing your flexibility, and sports performance.


$25.00~20 Minutes  $50.00~ 40 Minutes                            $75.00~50 Minutes                                                                                                  

Free Consultation and Assessment!

The best massage care should be specific to your body's needs to get you moving better and feeling better. By getting a good standing and moving assessment we can get a better understanding of what needs to change in order to manage pain, prevent injuries, improve flexibility, and/or improve sports performance.

*sessions are in a private room and the client remains clothed making for a comfortable experience.  

Call or Text 231-497-4985 for more information or to schedule your consultation and assessment now!